Our Story

The Characteristics of a true follower of Christ is evident in their love for others. As a family of believers we strive to build relationships that create healthy community. Our vision is to reach those that are forgotten by others such as homeless, orphans, widows, elderly, disabled, addict, alcoholic, and adoptive groups.  We train believers of all ages, race, and social levels to be disciples of Christ impacting the world in which they exist.   Beyond all else we LOVE. We love the sinner and the saint, clean and dirty, the broken and restored. Our desire to show true compassion for others and a passion for God. 

Our History
Generations From Glad Tidings to LifeGate

February 5, 1956, LifeGate Church (then Glad Tidings) had its first gathering with 44 children, teens and adults...basically a family. From humble beginnings in the Willmon family home, to a warehouse on Lufkin Ave, then a church house on Denman Ave and finally its Home on East Lufkin Ave. Which was completed under the Stewardship and vision of Rev. Roger Lewis. 

 We love and honor the history of Glad Tidings. LifeGate continues in the footsteps of those great men and women of faith that laid the groundwork for us.  So as LifeGate with Pastors Jeremy & Lena Elliott we are basically a new church with tons of local history and a long legacy. We believe that we are currently writing the next chapter of the story and we welcome you to write it with us.